These are my notes, and a collection of guides I have put together over topics I have learned. As of right now this website is quite a work in progress but ultimately I would love for the notes on this site to be a collection of everything I have learned in my career and personal life. I have recently been working on updating these notes to a more in depth layout that will make more sense to newcomers. If you would like to see my old notes please refer to my LegacyNotes.

Disclaimer Since these are personal notes any content on this website is subject to containing partial or even inaccurate ideas or concepts.

As of right now you can check out these guides to begin diving into my notes:

Also be sure to check out my one-off notes:

If none of the above links fit what you need I have a working search bar found at the top of the page or you can check out the Sitemap for a list of currently notes in this repository.

Information on what exactly you are looking at or how this website is made can be found here: How This Website Is Made.

Some day I would like to have a "mind map" also be published with this website. I want it to look something like what the org-roam-ui package displays currently. It would look something like this:


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