Kubernetes on a high level is a cluster of servers, virtual machines, or instances that manage and orchestrate containers to provide as close to 100% up time as possible. The word Kubernetes comes from Greek and roughly translates to helmsman. This name was chosen because you can think of Kubernetes as the captain of your ships (containers). Kubernetes was originally developed by a team at Google and is built off of concepts founded from an in house container management system called Borg. More on the history of Kubernetes can be found on the Kubernetes website: here.

This guide aims to cover everything I have learned about Kubernetes and will be broken out into sections. Here are the sections I have so far:

The servers of Kubernetes.
The various components of Kubernetes.
Sometimes called Controllers, these manage orchestration.
The segregation concept of Kubernetes.
Pods house containers.
Manages Replicasets.
Manages Pods.
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